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[RADIMERY] 13000 High Collagen Biotin

[RADIMERY] 13000 High Collagen Biotin

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[RADIMERY] 13000 High Collagen Biotin

50ml * 28 bottles

ㆍAvailable only at pharmacy, hospital and high-end spas
ㆍHighest amount of collagen (13,000mg)
ㆍContains low molecular weight fish collagen peptide from LAPI, an Italian company with 53 years of experience with collagen
ㆍContains 30ug of biotin (333% of the recommended daily intake)
ㆍContains hyaluronic acid, elastin, and ceramides (components found in the dermis)
ㆍContains pomegranate concentrate from a Spanish company
ㆍContains vitamin C from the British company DSM
ㆍIt does not contain any additives such as colors, preservatives
ㆍLiquid-based product that is quickly absorbed by the body


Directions, Cautions and Possible Side Effects

Take a bottle once a day.
1. If you have diathesis or are sensitive to allergies, check the ingredients prior to intake since hypersensitive reactions may occur depending on the individuals.
2. Due to the characteristics of the product, sediments may occur. Shake the product well before taking the product.
3. Be careful of injury caused by the packaging material when opening or consuming the product.
4. Do not intake products with a passed expiration date.
5. Consume immediately after opening.


Safety precautions for consumers
1. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
2. Keep away from the reach of children.

Skin Type

Best for (Skin Concern)


Shipping takes 5-7 Business days directly from South Korea

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