What is the k sister program

It is a program where you and LADY K can become one big community.

LADY K Membership community will not only share Korean beauty contents and interest with each other, but will also do activities through social media to bring trust to customers by seeing that Lady K provides only 100% genuine products directly from Korea.

  • Higher Cashback

    Every customer that refers a friend to LADY K receives 5% cashback. However, K SISTERs receive an upgrade to %10 of all referred sales.

  • Exclusive Discounts

    How can you recommend a product you haven't had the chance to try yet? LADY K will provide you with special discount codes made just for you so you can try the trendiest Korean products for an unbelievable price.

  • Surprise Gift Boxes

    LADY K will appreciate K SISTERs efforts with surprise gift boxes full of Korean skincare, makeup, and lifestyle items.

  • Secret Marketing Tips

    We will build a long-lasting relationship together with K SISTERs by serving you with a special marketing program to succeed in the market. We will send you secret tips and tricks to get the highest cashback you possibly can every month.

  • Monthly Networking Events

    Every month, LADY K will hold a virtual meeting with K SISTERs to encourage activities and celebrate the achievements they have made.
    This networking event with all K SISTERS will strengthen the LADY K community and will help them get to meet beautiful K SISTERS that will help them along the way.

  • Exclusive Invitation to The Annual Banquet

    LADY K will hold a meet-up event in Kuala Lumpur or Seoul, depending on the conditions, every year. Every K Sister will receive a special invitation to participate and have a very fabulous time with us.

Program Guidelines


Upon applying through the form above, you will receive an affiliate. You will receive a copy of it on this page, and also through email.

To receive chashback, you will need to refer a potential LADY K customer to our website by clicking on that link. If a customer enters our website using that link, we will leave a cookie on their browser until they make their first purchase. Once the customer has made their first purchase using your link, the system will mark you as the referrer. For that moment on, every time that person orders from LADY K, you will receive 10% cashback of their order amount.

Each customer does not need to enter your link more than once. If they use your link once, it is enough for the system to connect them to your account.


You will receive a payout of the last month's commissions on the 4th of every month. You can track your commissions live using our affiliate dashboard. Using the dashboard, you will be able to see your overall commissions, and your unpaid commissions, your payout account, and your affiliate link.

LADY K currently can only support PayPal payouts. If you would like to receive your commission without delay, please prepare a PayPal account before our monthly payout date and connect it to your account using the dashboard.

If you find the process confusing in any step, feel free to email us at affiliates@ladykhouse.com

Discount Codes

Every month, a discount code will be given to every K SISTER who made at least 1 sale in the previous month. That code is meant as our appreciation to you and no one else. The code will be connected to each user and can only be used once a month.

Monthly Networking & Giveaway Events

at the end of every month, you will receive an email with a secret link to an online networking event. During the event, you will meet other K SISTERs and LADY K staff that can help you with any questions you had during the month. We will prepare a K SISTER presentation, Q&A session, networking time, and even a giveaway event. All of the event's participating K SISTERS will be entered into a live raffle to win a gift box full of our goodies.