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[GANGBLY LIFE] Beauty Solution LED Mask

[GANGBLY LIFE] Beauty Solution LED Mask

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[GANGBLY LIFE] Beauty Solution LED Mask

Usually, even if you go to a beauty treatment once, it costs several hundred ringgit. It costs a lot of money, up to several thousands ringgit.

It's actually a burden to be willing to be taken care of It just had to be. Therefore, this is a product with good functionality at a reasonable price.

GANGBLY Life LED Mask has a wide wavelength It has 3 therapy functions. ​

∨ Blue light: When you are worried about sensitive skin

  • It has a wavelength of 470nm, soothes and soothes troubles Its effect kills bacteria and Acne bacteria in the skin.
  • soothing sensitive skin ​

∨ Red Light: When boosting immunity in summer and winter

  • Whitens sunburned skin with a wavelength of 635nm Improves whitening effect and antioxidant effect
  • Prevent skin aging by boosting skin immunity ​

Infrared Mode: The day before an important appointment

  • Wrinkle removal like anti-aging with a wavelength of 850nm and skin regeneration, foam removal effect If you do it the day before an important appointment, it will be elastic.
  • It can help improve skin and skin texture. You can adjust and use it according to your needs. ​

Skin Type

all skin types

Best for (Skin Concern)

acne | redness, oil control | pores, anti-aging | wrinkles, soothing | calming, dull skin | brightening, and dryness | hydration


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