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[ATOPALM] Tok Tok Facial Sun Pact SPF43 PA+++

[ATOPALM] Tok Tok Facial Sun Pact SPF43 PA+++

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[ATOPALM] Tok Tok Facial Sun Pact SPF43 PA+++

Point 01
Tok Tok! Fun and Convenient!UV Protection!

Easy and fun with your child! Tap Tap! This is a moisturising face-only sunscreen pact that you can spread out. Even children who don't like sunscreen can enjoy using it as if they are mimicking mummies putting on make-up.

Point 02
It has
 Inorganic sunscreen ingredients to make it milder!

Using an inorganic sunscreen component that scatters and reflects ultraviolet rays by forming a physical barrier on the skin, the burden on the skin has been reduced so that even sensitive and vulnerable children can use it with confidence.

Point 03
Tap Tap! Absorb easily!
It spreads out smoothly and finishes fresh, so it's good to apply it on your face from time to time without feeling stuffy.
Clinical Safety!


1. Open the lid of the container by push it down from the back of the sun pact
2. Take Tok Tok Sun Pact Refiller and make sure the button facing downwards
3. Push the sun pact until it make a "click" sound
Before enjoying your outdoor activities do remember to add an appropriate amount, and apply it lightly to the skin exposed to ultraviolet with the built-in puff.

Skin Type

Best for (Skin Concern)


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