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[ATOPALM] Panthenol Cream 80ml

[ATOPALM] Panthenol Cream 80ml

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[ATOPALM] Panthenol Cream 80ml

10% additional Panthenol is added to the Panthenol Cream (compared to MLE Cream)! Many mommy's in Singapore have attested to the effectiveness of Panthenol Cream in soothing their children's bouts of eczema and reducing itching and redness.

Panthenol has long been known to help reduce scarring as well as heal the natural skin barrier.
A powerful cream that soothes severe eczema and locks in moisture for a long time.
Besides containing Neopharm's internationally patented formula of MLE and containing naturally occurring amino acids that are present in our skin, highly concentrated panthenol is added to all the goodness of ATOPALM's Panthenol Cream.
Our skin absorbs Panthenol and converts it into Vitamin B5, soothing irritated skin and strengthening the skin barrier.
Many users say that they could reduce the amount of steroids after using this Panthenol Cream.

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