Health and Beauty Shop : Benefits Of Radimery Collagen

Health and Beauty Shop : Benefits Of Radimery Collagen


Lady K's office is located in Gangnam. Therefore, I often have meetings with customers living in Seoul. Few weeks ago Lady K House launched Gangnam's luxury collagen, which customers consider the top! Many health and beauty shops in Korea love this brand as this is the best collagen and beneficial for everyone. 

Are you considering adding collagen in your daily routine but not sure which product and how the product will give you benefits? 

No worries! Radimery is the best solution, In Lady K, we always want to help you become the best version of yourself. 

Let me introduce you to Radimery Collagen.

Health and Beauty Shop 

This Collagen sold at pharmacies for 290,000 won! Radimery, COLLAGEN 12000 with high collagen for women out there.

Best thing is, Lady K and Radimery are excited to work with each other. We even signed a contract with Radimary headquarters. We give the best price, so don't forget to go to our website.

It's also a popular product at Lotte Duty Free


Check it out on "LADY K" right now!

What is Radimery Collagen?

Most of the collagen in the health and beauty shop eaten before knowing Radimery contained 1,000 to 3,000 mg of collagen. But Radimery's collagen contains at least 3,000 mg and the maximum is 12,000-13,000 mg! 

Of course 3,000 mg is a lot of collagen, but 12,000 mg and 13,000 mg are really the best collagen.

1. RADIMERY Young & Berry Collagen

The price is good, but the raw materials are definitely good. In addition, it is a blueberry flavor that is easy for beginners to eat. It's not a powder but a liquid stick product. I highly recommend it to members in their 20s and 30s. Radimery Young & Berry Collagen will help you boost your energy!

Did you know that collagen has to be eaten with vitamin C to increase its absorption rate?

It increases the absorption rate by about 8 times.

So Radimery's Young & Berry Collagen used British vitamin C to reduce the hassle of customers taking vitamin C separately!

2. RADIMERY 12000 High Collagen Ultragen

Did you know, Radimery High Collagen Ultragen have 12,000mg of fish collagen!

You probably think that too much collagen is not absorbed well. What is known from recent experiments and papers is that the absorption rate decreases when it exceeds 20,000 mg.

So up to 19,000 mg, which is just below 20,000 mg, the higher the collagen content, the higher the absorption of collagen.

This product's low-molecular collagen is a raw material imported from Lapi, Italy, known as a famous 52-year-old collagen, and the rest of the ingredients are collagen that will be made by finding a fantastic combination of high-quality European ingredients.

I recommend you to try it for your skin. :-)

3. RADIMERY 13000 High Collagen Biotin

Everyone, I'm finally introducing 13000mg collagen. RADIMERY 13000 High Collagen Biotin, The higher the content of collagen, the higher the absorption rate! It is the first 13,000mg liquid collagen in Korea.

It's a bottle, so you can drink it easily, and I've tried it, and it's really good! Of course, it has a high absorption rate because it's liquid. This product is made using collagen from Lapi, Italy. Also, this collagen contains 30ug of biotin, so you can take care of your body balance as well as your skin.♥

I'm sure 13,000mg of collagen was really hard to get around. Please try 13,000mg collagen. You will feel the difference from the other collagen. Don't forget to share with your friends this information! Sharing is caring!

4. Slim Me Diet Cleanse Stick

Dieting is everyone's lifelong homework! Along with collagen, we will introduce you to our carefully selected and launched diet cleanse sticks! Slim Me Diet Cleanse Stick


WHY Slim Me Diet Cleanse Stick?

  1. Garcinia helps reduce body fat.
  1. It contains ovarian maltodextrin, which helps suppress the increase in blood sugar after meals and bowel movements.
  1. It contains three types of vitamin B and zinc, which are necessary for carbohydrate energy metabolism.
  1. It contains fish collagen (sub-raw material).
  1. You can enjoy the grapefruit flavor.

Of course, the Radimery Collagen doesn't have any  colorants and preservatives! 

How to add Radimery in your everyday routine? Easy peasy!

  • 30 minutes before a meal, take a bag a day. 
  • Don't forget to drink, drink and drink! Yes! Drink more than 1L of water!

Cleanse sticks to help you lose weight ♥ To a healthier and happy life with Radimery Collagen. Only at Lady K house will you get the best price and the best product recommendation.

Check it out on "LADY K" right now! Start today, not tomorrow! 

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