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[Jmella] Solid Perfume Stick [France Collection]

[Jmella] Solid Perfume Stick [France Collection]

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[J.mella] Solid Perfume Stick

It is a stick solid perfume that has a soft and fresh finish and has a subtle and natural scent, so it is easy to use anytime, anywhere.

It's kind of like a multi-balm style because it's easy to carry everywhere and even you can put this perfume stick in your pocket.

Using premium fragrances from a French fragrance company, you can enjoy a more delicate fragrance unique to J.mella

Free from 12 chemical ingredients.

-Sparkling Rose : the sweet aroma of rose champagne
-Laim & Basil : the scent of herbs carried by the wind
-Queen5 : a luxurious powder scent
-Blooming Peony : a sweet and sour scent of fruit
-Famme Fatale : The Refreshing Fragrance of Rich

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