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[Jmella] Scented Toner Pads [France Collection]

[Jmella] Scented Toner Pads [France Collection]

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[J.mella] Scented Toner Pads

 4-in-1 Multi-Care Toner pad takes care of dead skin cells, moisture, calming, and vitality all at once. It can be used 4 in 1 by toner pad.

2way-Pad Embossing side pad make daily exfoliating / Flat Double-Sided Pad make moisturizing and arrange the texture of the skin

weak acidity It balances the pH of the skin (PH 5.0~6.0)

Centella Cica Energy It has triple cica energy in this toner pad also it helps soothing the skin and calming the sensitive skin.

This is a hypoallergenic pure cotton toner pad, 
And It is free from 12 chemicals.

-Sparkling Rose : The sweet scent of rose sparkling wine.





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