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[Jmella] Mir Minty Color Changing Black Shampoo [France Collection]

[Jmella] Mir Minty Color Changing Black Shampoo [France Collection]

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[J.mella] Mir Minty Color Changing Black Shampoo

Instead of dying your hair every few months, how about this new style of shampoo? 

This 3-in-1 shampoo, cleanses your scalp, pretects it from hair loss, and most importantly, gradually dyes your hair black with every use. 

Made especially for people with graying hair and a busy schedule,
it will cut the time and the stress of your hair's appearance daily. 

This shampoo doesn't contain 17 chemicals for you to use every day.

And this shampoo has 17 amino acid complexes that make your scalp and hair healthier.

the scent of citrus marine

Skin Type

Best for (Skin Concern)


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