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[GANGBLY] Jeju Canola Honey Shampoo

[GANGBLY] Jeju Canola Honey Shampoo

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[GANGBLY] Jeju Canola Honey Shampoo

This clean Jeju Canola Honey Shampoo provides gloss and vitality to tired and dry hair while moisturizing it.
Proudly silicone-free, it protects the scalp and keeps it healthy.
Containing 1,000pm of Jeju canola honey,
this shampoo moisturizes scalp while cleansing it.
This shampoo also contains vitamins and sugar.
Vitamins and sugar will moisturize your scalp more

Try this shampoo if your hair is dry.
And if you want a strong scalp, we recommend this shampoo.

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