Young and Fresh Korean Skincare Malaysia

Young and Fresh Korean Skincare Malaysia

Malaysians really love Korean Beauty as I know all of Lady K customers come from Malaysia. That is why the Lady K house team is eager to ship Korean Beauty Products to Malaysia. 


I often ask why Malaysians love K beauty? What is the difference between Malaysia Product and Korean Product? 


Until I make a survey about it.


Now I know and realized that Korean products helped so many Malaysians getting Young and fresh looks like Korean actresses.


Let me name the popular  korean actress in Malaysia


Song Ji Hyo, Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, and so many more. Most of them are already in their 40s but look at their skin, so young and fresh! 


What is the secret? 

Most Korean ladies use natural skin brighteners such as rice extracts, vitamin C, and licorice, as well as exfoliators. 


Now let see which of the product in Lady K have this ‘secret’



RADIMERY 12000 High Collagen


Collagen is most important, you need to add this in your daily routine. I have elaborated most about Radimery Benefits, you can read it here. 


For 50 ml with 14 bottles, you can get the highest amount of collagen(12,000mg) among similar products. Radimery 12000 also contains low molecular weight fish collagen peptide from LAPI, an Italian company with 53 years of experience with collagen.


Of Course it contains vitamin c, and it's really beneficial for staying young plus it gives energy. 


How to consume this Collagen? 


It's really simple. Just take a bottle once a day.


  1. If you have diathesis or are sensitive to allergies, check the ingredients prior to intake since hypersensitive reactions may occur depending on the individuals.


  1. Due to the characteristics of the product, sediments may occur. Shake the product well before taking the product.


  1. Be careful of injury caused by the packaging material when opening or consuming the product.


  1. Do not intake products with a passed expiration date.


  1. Consume immediately after opening.


Don't forget to read more about Radimery


MCC Perfect Balm


Another great and perfect product for brightening is MCC perfect Balm. This MCC product gives brightening and deep cleansing. 


Papaya extract helps dead skin cell care and remove black heads. 

Stay young and fresh with Korean skincare, by using the popular MCC Perfect Balm.


How to use MCC Cleansing Balm? 

1.Applying cleansing balm to dry face and massage gently,

2.Moisten your hands and roll your face once more. 

3.Wash your face with lukewarm water.

And you are done!

Sheet Mask is a popular routine in South Korea, how many times per week did you wear the sheet mask? Comment and share with us! 

Let me share with you which sheet mask that will help to brighten your skin. 


JM Solution Flower Infused Brightening Mask


Yes! This is the sheet mask that you should have and purchase with lady k house.


 You can buy it here

This exclusive Halal flower infused mask, is perfect for sensitive skin. 


Do you have sensitive skin but you are not only want to brighten your skin, try this sheet mask.

One of the only of its kind, this Halal mask's sheet is lightweight and creamy.

Jm solution flower infused brightening mask containing Hyaluronic acid and Panthelene, it provides deep hydration to your dry skin. 



Halal skincare is not easy to find, but JM solution sheet masks provide a good and beneficial for sensitive skin plus muslim can use it without any doubt. 

Let me know which product that you love! 


I am looking forward to know more and share with you

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