Why Sheetmask is an Important Skincare Step?

Why Sheetmask is an Important Skincare Step?

As sheet mask take more time than other step of skincare, we often skip this important part of Skincare. It is recommended to use sheet mask 3-4 times a week in order to achieve the Korean bright and glass skin like Jennie or Jang Wonyoung.

Here's the benefit you can get with sheet mask:

- Intense Hydration feeling a little dry? with just a 15 minutes sheet mask, we can immediately feel our skin being plumped, smooth and even brighter!

- Gentle different with Exfoliation Mask, sheet mask is gentle on your skin! that is why it is totally okay to use it 3-4 times a week or even daily!

- Immediate Result who doesn't like to see our skin to change immediately without having to wait another days or even months? Sheet mask provide us with immediate result, depending on the ingredients inside!

One of my personal favorite sheet mask is GANGBLY Jeju Vita Aqua Mask PUT LINK

It brighten up our skins because it contains Tangerine as one of its main ingredient! Tangerine contains Vitamin C and Vitamin A which were famous to having an excellent effect on our skin.

Here is a few of many benefits of Tangerine for skin :

- Brightening by Improving the collagen production in our skin.

- Protect Skin from Sun Rays 

- Anti Aging reduction of fine lines

- Tightens Pores the citric acid in Tangerine helps!

- Anti-Inflammatory reduce pimple, breakouts and acne.

Lady K House is going to launch our own Korean Skincare line LSoulle

LSoulle main ingredient will be Tangerine, to provide a bright and clear skin for every one of us!

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