New Product Launching : Atopalm

New Product Launching : Atopalm

Hi Everyone! Lady K House here. 
How are you guys doing?
This week I would like to share about our new product, Atopalm!
Mommies, do you know Atopalm are popular in Korea?
Yes! You can trust and use Atopalm!

In Korea, we have number one cosmetics app named HWAHAE.
Atopalm won 6 times in the Baby & Pregnant Women category on the HWAHAE app.
Atopalm is a brand that every Korean mother loves. ♥

Our Lady K has finally launched it! 

Let's take a look at what products we have.

1. Mild soothing soap

I use this soap to wash the baby's butt, and when they get home, the kids wash their hands with this soap.

Mild soothing soap keeps your skin dry and keeps your skin mild and moist!

2.Tok Tok Facial Sun Pact SPF43 PA+++

Sunscreen should be applied 365 days a day.
Adults can easily apply sunscreen, but it is difficult for children to adjust the amount of sunscreen.
And you need to find a gentle sunscreen for your baby's skin.
This Tok Tok Facial Sun Pact is an inorganic sunpact that can be used by all children and adults!
It's easy to carry around in your bag or apply it on your kids when you go out.

3.Derma Soothing Powder

This is a soothing powder that I've been using a lot.
You can apply it on the butt of diaper-wearing children, or on the back of their necks, knees, and armpits when they sweat!
It keeps the folded part moist without being unreasonable, and it has an additional refill puff, so it can be used hygienically.
Please carry it around in your bag and use it often when you go out.^^

4.Diaper Soothing Cream

This is a diaper cream :-)
Babies in diapers have rashes on their hips when it's hot and it's too hard to protect.
I had a hard time with the baby's diaper rash.
But you can't put anything on their precious butt.
Apply this cream after taking a bath and before wearing a diaper.
It gently absorbs into the skin and moisturizes the butt.
It will protect the baby's skin from diapers with a moisture barrier :-)

5.Panthenol Cream 80ml

Panthenol cream is famous for strengthening the skin barrier naturally.
So you can also find panthenol in many brands.
Atofarm Panthenol Cream contains vitamin B5.
It makes our skin stronger :-)
It's a high concentration of panthenol (10%) to keep your skin on tight.♥

6.Moisturizing Multi Oil 100ml

Moisturizing multi-oil that you can apply anywhere from head to toe!
It is made from vegetable oil extracted from nuts such as sunflower seeds and jojoba seeds and is a mild oil made only with EWG green grade ingredients :-)

7.Face Cream 50ml

The face that's most exposed to external stimuli!
It's a face cream for your face.
It contains ceramide and has a mild moisturizing effect because it is slightly acidic PH.
It contains vitamins B and E, so it makes sensitive skin lively.
Apply it frequently on dry areas of children's faces.^^

8.Top to Toe Wash 200ml

Wash the baby with gentle washing power from head to toe. :-)
It contains patented milk oligosaccharide, so it is moist even after use, and the hair is soft.
Top to toe wash that sells one every 90 seconds!
Check it out on RADY K HOUSE!

9.MLE Lotion 200ml

It's an MLE lotion that helps with itching.
It's a lotion that's good for babies and adults to use together.
How about finishing the bath with a soft application and a refreshing finish?^^
After taking a bath, apply it all over your body and layer dry areas to complete moist skin!

I almost forgot the most important fact!!
Currently, we will send you one Disney hand cream as a gift when you purchase all the LADYK products along with the Atopalm discount!!
If you put the product in your shopping basket, you can also put hand cream in it!♥

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