Let's go Vegan with Whitening Skin Care from V'ethic

Let's go Vegan with Whitening Skin Care from V'ethic

Hello Everyone.

Lady K just launched a Vegan Skincare a few weeks ago.

At Lady K we believe that we need to provide the best health and beauty makeup to you.

One of the high requests from customers is to get a Vegan Beauty Skincare. 

Now let me share about Whitening Skin Care from vegan skincare line.  


Do Vegans have Whitening Skincare?

First question is do vegan skincare have whitening skin care?

Of Course yes!

I am glad to recommend our product from our new collaboration in Lady K House.

What is Vegan Skincare?

The only thing that differs between ‘regular’ and vegan skincare are the ingredients.

In the vegan world, the goal is to find an option that keeps skin young and glows, without anything to do with the animals. 


As the tagline for V’ethic, Go Simple, Start Vegan, this product from Korea really makes a difference in the skin care world.


V’ethics consider resources and the environment by using recycled clean beauty raw materials reborn from discarded fruits and flowers.

Vethic Treatment Essence

First skin care you need in order to have whitening and young skin! Yes, Add  Vethic Treatment Essence to your skincare routine.

When you start skin care, apply this V’ethic treatment Essence first.


It takes care of your skin condition before the other skincare steps. 


In the V’ethic Treatment Essence, it has botanical ingredients including Superfood complex plus Vegetable extract. 



Why is treatment essence necessary?

Why do you need to use an essence?


The primary function of an essence is to boost skin hydration, which is crucial for everyone as dehydrated skin is a common issue for every skin type, whether it's dry, combination, or oily skin.


Next : V’ethic Green Tangerine Clear Serum

To get a whitening skin, the next step that you need to do in your skincare routine is using this V’ethic Green Tangerine Clear Serum.


This product has 700000 tangerine extract and niacinamide.


It helps provide brightening care for dark skin. 


Do you know Green tangerine is rich in nutrients?


V’ethic used green tangerine as a cosmetic ingredient, which was almost thrown away.


As a vegan, you can use this true vegan routine that cares about healthy skin care and healthy nature.  


This serum will help your uneven skin also it is the best choice to reduce the visible impact on your skin. 


Green Tangerine Clear Serum work to improve the look of skin firmness, smoothness and tone, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles also help in whitening skin. 



Vethic Green Tangerine Clear Dark Spot Stick

Next step to achieve whitening skin in a vegan product is using the Vethic Green Tangerine Clear Dark Spot Stick.


Other than drinking enough water to prevent dark spots, you also need to have a good skincare product. 


I really recommend this Green Tangerine Clear Dark Spot Stick.


With the Vegan Formula, it helps me speed up the process and help fade dark spots even faster.


Vethic Green Tangerine Clear Cream

Next Vegan Skincare product in order to achieve whitening skin is using Green Tangerine Cream from V’ethic.


This 50ml clear cream also has botanical ingredients and helps the skin get better. Trust us! 


Vethic Green Tangerine Clear Cream helps in treating skin pigment problems because they are formulated to penetrate deep into your skin and gradually reduce the appearance of the concentrated pigment, sometimes helping it to fade altogether. 


Why people love Kbeauty Product


We know that in K beauty lines, there are many Korean whitening creams that help brighten your skin tone.


Whitening skincare products focus on improving skin tone and texture while helping fade hyperpigmentation.


This will lead to a new life into your skin, breathing and keeping the skin nourished and healthy

In Lady K House, we understand that beauty is important, if you are ready to have a vegan plus whitening product,  to lighten, brighten, and rejuvenate your skin,


Let's try out V’ethic.


Add this product in your daily skincare routine!

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