Korean Makeup Look

Korean Makeup Look

Everyone likes makeup that looks natural but beautiful and stylish. The most popular makeup and the choice of many is Korean makeup look. 

Do you know that Koreans usually put on light makeup? Most of them don't wear a lot of makeup because simple and natural will make them look younger and more stylish! 

Yes, today Lady K will share with you how to get a Korean Makeup look!


First thing first, Prep your skin!

When you look at Kpop idols or actresses, usually they look young and graceful in their makeup. You might ask - how? Well, this needs to start with the right skincare! The key to achieving Korean ‘glass skin’ is actually making sure that your skin is moisturized and hydrated – or ‘chok chok’ as they call it in Korea.Use our Jmella Scented Cleansing Gel to get the fresh look! The soft bubble cleanser will make your skin moisturized.

Did you know that our Jmella Scented Cleansing Gel is free from 12 chemical Ingredients

does not contain paraben, imidazolidinyl urea, Triclosan, CTIM, MIT, Benzalkonium chloride (C12, C14). This is good for you!


One more skincare step that you should add is Calming Cica Emulsion.This brand has one of the best and perfect moisturisers suitable for any skin type! This product will take care of your skin and soothe the skin mildly.


Remember that good makeup comes from a good skincare routine.


GO flawless with Cushion Foundation by Chicholique

This mini cushion foundation is suitable for darker skin tone. It comes in a small, convenient size and affordable price, but it gives high performance and benefits. Go flawless with this cushion foundation that have a  perfect coverage for the Korean Makeup look.


Korean cushions are ideal for on-the-go application. You don’t have to worry about foundation spilling inside your bag or your makeup brush getting contaminated. This cushion won’t make your skin look or feel greasy. It has a long-lasting matte finish that won’t break down or transfer  even during humid weather.


MCC loose powder

Next, by using MCC loose powder, when applied, it will leave you with soft and smooth skin. It lightly covers your skin, and adheres to it, without causing a feeling of tightness.The MCC Perfect Finish Loose Powder has a high oil absorption capacity, and catches oil and sebum in your skin! This allows for the powder to take off the oil in your base makeup without smudging! It has a long-lasting effect and doesn't get smudged because of water or sweat. It gives you moist and lively skin - without darkening over time.

Loose powder should be applied sparingly on the T-zone and chin to soften the look.

You definitely need to try the MCC Perfect Finish Loose Powder for your makeup to look flattering and smooth! It comes in 2 colors to suit different skin tones.


Do Koreans wear blush?

Yes, Koreans love looking dewy and rosy. They usually apply the cheeks with cream blush, and blend upwards and outwards with a sponge or fingers. Our MCC FACE DRAWING CHEEK PALETTE If you’re new to blusher, you can consider starting with a smaller amount of blusher first, and slowly add on as you go. But you can always go for more color since it will show a healthier and more glowy side!

Young and trendy with Unleashia 

This is our Lady K best seller  - Unleashia hug velvet lip tints. Lips that are tempting but look trendy and stylish is a must for your Korean makeup look. The Korean look usually needs to embrace your lips softly and comfortably. By using  Unleashia the softest matte out but moisturized in Vegan Velvet Tint


Benefits of Unleashia Hug Velvet Lip Tints

● Comfort velvet texture as light as the clouds to embrace your lips
● Soft blur effect to cover naturally the lips wrinkles
● Easy layering
● Naturally beautifully velvety
● Vegan


Want to create a dewy gradient lip look? Yes!  Use Hug Velvet Lip Tints. Adding this in your makeup routine looks will give a glossy effect and is also easy to blend.


Apply the lip tint in the centre of your lips, make a dot motion and then close your mouth. Start with a small amount of lip tint. Next, gently press your lips together to smudge the colour. Use a gentle open and close motion to achieve the subtle gradient that Korean gradient lips are known for.





Next, get our exclusive real carbon black eyeliner as it brings out the Korean style in one touch. This MCC Accent Mega 8 pen eyeliner gives the precise application of a liquid liner. It comes along with a fine brush that offers easy application. It dries quickly and is water-resistant.The special fitting polymer that adheres to the color keeps your eyes clear without smearing for a long time.You can draw thin, thick, and long lines with its soft brush and it keeps your lines looking sharp and fresh all day.

I hope you get the natural but young, trendy Korean look. Whether you want to wear this makeup style everyday or on your special day, just go ahead!  On Lady K House's website, we have a lot of Korean beauty secrets that you can try too! look through our products and you will definitely find something that suits your style, especially the Korean Makeup style.


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