Korean Make Up Look for Chinese New Year

Korean Make Up Look for Chinese New Year

Hello! We're Lady K House!

Chinese New Year is just right around the corner. 

Have you thought of your makeup theme for the Lunar Day?
Korean makeup is the trend now and it is really popular. Many Malaysian women love to do this style of makeup.

Yes, so for this Lunar New Year let’s do Korean makeup looks!
As we know, the daily make up style for Korean ladies usually leans towards a more sweet and natural style.

However, on special days, Korean ladies will also put extra makeup to make their look different than usual.

Here are some of our top makeup products from Lady K House that can help accentuate your look and make your makeup look extra special on Lunar New Year.

1. Use CHIC HOLIQUE Skin Fit Liquid Foundation & Concealer for Long Lasting Performance


Add a touch of elegance in your Kmakeup look with our CHIC HOLIQUE Skin Fit Liquid Foundation & Concealer.

During Lunar New Year, we will usually head out for visitings the whole day, therefore we need a good base for a long lasting makeup.

This liquid foundation and concealer is multi-purpose as it helps brighten, correct and cover dark circles or blemishes. 

CHIC HOLIQUE Skin Fit Liquid Foundation & Concealeis our favourite. It contains moisturizing ingredients that helps the skin with long-lasting performance.

2. CHIC HOLIC Skin Fit Cushion Foundation

What is Kbeauty makeup without cushion foundation?

Use CHIC HOLIC Skin Fit Cushion Foundation for minimum touch up!

Get perfect coverage with a smooth and even skin tone finish for this Lunar New Year.

3. UNLEASHIA Tap Me Eye Palette

Add some glitter in your eyes by using our UNLEASHIA Tap Me Eye Palette.
Apply this sparkly shades liberally on top of a matte base.

This eyeshadow is available in three color combos:
• Warm rose with pinkish glitter
• Biscuit brown with champagne glitter
• Coffee brown with ivory glitter


    4. UNLEASHIA Hug Velvet Lip Tint

    Make your presence beautiful with a lively red lip tint. The Chinese culture believe red will bring good luck, happiness and prosperity. 

    To match with Kbeauty looks, use Unleashia Hug Velvet Lip Tint.

    The soft blur effect of the lip tint will cover lip wrinkles and with its comfort velvet texture, it will embrace your lips nicely.

    Perfect for the Lunar New Year.

    Trust us! 

    5. MCC Gel Eyeliner Pencil

    Create a puppy eye look or a natural half moon style with our MCC Gel Eyeliner Pencil.

    Do experiment to see which suits you.

    This eyeliner pencil is perfect as it is waterproof and you don’t need to worry about smudges!

    It is easy to apply too.



    You can always go for a simple natural look or add some peach coloured blush with the MCC Face Drawing Cheek Palette.

    Express your natural vitality by blending the three colours of the palette together to create a variety of colours. It can add some warmth and create a three dimensional look to your face. 


    Kick off the Year of the Rabbit with Lady K House product.

    Happy Lunar New Year everyone!







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