How to choose best Whitening Cream

How to choose best Whitening Cream

Spending time on choosing the best whitening cream can sometimes be a burden especially if you have sensitive skin.
We have to be very careful especially when it comes to taking care of our health and body.
In the K Market, there are a lot of different skin whitening to choose from.
However we know that some ingredients might be harmful.
So remember to always be cautious when purchasing a whitening cream.
How to choose whitening cream? 
What is whitening cream?
Why do people want to get a whitening cream?
In this modern age, there is a lot of information you can get from the internet.
You can learn about the product and even know the details.
Now, let me share how to choose the best whitening cream.
For a sensitive skin or dry  skin you need to check that the whitening product is chemical free.
Chemicals can harm our skin, and it will lead to damage. 



My recommendation is you can use Jflee Vino Ultimate Hydra Cream, special care.

It makes it smooth and moist, giving it a moist glow.


The synergy effect between the moist gel cream and the oil capsule gives the skin a moist feeling.

It's good for whitening your skin and improving wrinkles.


Grafe Nutrion 
Wine Extract 
 Vitis Vinifera Flower Cell Extract 
 Saccharomyces Extract


You can purchase this here


Choose a natural product. 


Get a glowing skin by keeping it natural. This can help to reduce the melanin in your skin. 


Do we have Vegan product in Lady K House? 




Vethic is a Vegan product that will help you get your glow skin plus with a natural product. 



I recommend you to add this dark spot stick in your daily routine. It will help brighten and whiten your skin.  


Green Tangerine Clear Darkspot Stick



This brands have Dermatology tested, so dont worry. Add this product to your cart. 


You can purchase this here.


Next is by asking your family or friends about their experience using whitening products. 

Discuss if they have used the products. 
I recommend you ask your family or friends that have the same skin type as you.
Let's say you have sensitive skin, try to find a friend with sensitive skin. 


Or maybe you can ask our K sister



Do you know in Lady K we have a K sister program that will help and share their experience about Lady K house products.


You can check out the list of our K sisters as they always support and share their knowledge and experience with Lady K. 


If you are interested in being one of our K sisters, you can also DM us or whatsapp directly.


In lady K we are welcoming a new K sister to be part of our team.


Many benefits that you will gain as K sister is part of Lady K journey from day 1.

Know about your skin type. 

We have so many different skin types.

 It's either Normal Skin, Dry skin, Oily skin, Combination Skin.

 Lets us know which one is you skin type in the comment =)



Jflee Vino Ultimate Emulsion Special Care 

This Vino Ultimate Emulsion Special care has a gel texture type that gently wraps around the skin and absorbs smoothly.


It takes care of the skin's condition with proper oil and water balance.

 How to use this product? 

After using the toner, apply an appropriate amount and gently spread it to absorb it.


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