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LADY K Valentine's Gift Box for Him

LADY K Valentine's Gift Box for Him

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LADY K selects the best Valentine gifts for him across skincare & self care which any guy in your life will adore.

This gift box consist JMRP's Homme Style Lip Balm, JMRP's Homme Aqua All In One Essence, JMsolution's Derma Care Ceramide Sun Stick and GANGBLY LIFE's Nose Hair Tweezer.


JMRP's Homme Style Lip Balm

Double duty lip balm, the Homme Style Lip Balm.
Usually, color lipbalm lack moisture, moisture lip balms lack color, but now, you can have both in one.
The Homme Style Lip Balm has a light tint that will add life back to your lips naturally without leaving it dry.
Made for men, it's guaranteed to look natural.


JMRP's Homme Aqua All In One Essence

It's an all-in-one product that can be used instead of toner, essence, and cream.

If you use it after shaving, it helps soothe your skin.

It can be use both day and night.


JMsolution's Derma Care Ceramide Sun Stick

  • UV cut with transparent/simple adhesion.
  • Light finish without stickiness.
  • Skin barrier strengthening system.
  • Soothing effect on sensitive skin.


ÔĽŅ GANGBLY LIFE's¬†Nose Hair Tweezer

Are you tired of painful nose tweazing?

No more! This magical electric noise hair tweezer will pull out your nose hairs instantly without pain.

All you have to do is input it in your nose, turn it on, and it'll take all of your nose hairs out at once.

Skin Type

all skin types

Best for (Skin Concern)

oil control | pores, dull skin | brightening, soothing | calming, and acne | redness


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