Unleashia: Latte Makeup (Lip Pencil)

Unleashia: Latte Makeup (Lip Pencil)

Lady K will not stop providing the latest hit trend for all the K-beauty lover out there!

Here you go, the makeup trend that will continue from 2023!

Would you want to know what it is?

This is natural makeup :)

It is also called Latte Makeup.

The most important things in these latte makeup are the skin foundation and lips.

Among these, the key element is for natural lips.

Yes, this Unleashia Happy Day Lip Pencil !

To create natural lip look, the smudging must be natural.

Strong lasting power that does not match natural smudging.

It's already receiving great reviews from users :)

Especially the makeup that has come to mind recently!

To tone on tone:

A soft texture and feeling of use are essential.


We do sell and distribute Lip products for trendy makeup like this in Lady K :)

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