Hello everyone! Lady K here, I want to share about sheet masks this week. A sheet mask is a piece of paper, cellulose or fabric used to apply a facial mask. Sheet masks are popular for Korean Beauty. All sheet masks deliver hydration and moisture. Skin soaks in all the serum in the mask (hyaluronic acid is usually included in the list of ingredients), which helps relieve dryness. One of our favorite sheet masks is JM Solution sheet mask! 

Let us do a JM Solution Mask Review for you! 


Halal Mask,Leaf Infused Soothing Mask

The leaf Infused Soothing Mask, is one of the first of its kind, a halal mask. 

It has three kinds of green leaf extracts: Centella, tea tree, and kale. Many of our customers love this sheet mask and it's our best-seller! 


Why JM Solution Mask?

The silky moist essence from the JM Solution Mask formulated with 18 essential ingredients, free of 20 harmful ingredients. Do you know, Sheet masks are an easy and effective way to provide your skin with an immediate and big boost of vitamins and moisture. You should add the sheet mask as your skincare routine. Make it weekly, or the best is daily if you can!

Which skin type is suitable for JM Solution Mask? 

For people with oily and combination skin, you should try the JM solution Sheet Mask Leaf Infused soothing mask. People with sensitivity and dryness can use JM Solution Sheet Mask Flower Infused Brightening Mask Another one sheet mask is JM solution Mask Fruit Infused Firming Mask . You may experience symptoms of dry skin, such as flakiness and irritation, but the skin can also get very oily, which makes it challenging to use skincare products.But worry-not, we got a lot of feedback from our lovely customer who have oily and combination skin, dry and sensitive skin and this sheet mask really surprising with an effective way to help improve your skin condition. Especially when you have this type of skin condition, oil control, pores, acne,redness, dryness, hydration. 

Can JM Solution Mask be used daily?

Best thing about adding sheet masks in your skincare routine is, you can use Sheet Masks as much as often as you want.  In other words, feel free to use a JM Solution sheet mask to your heart’s desire! Korean women even say they use a sheet mask every single evening to keep their skin complexion even and smooth.

Does JM solution sheet mask give instant glow?

I know many people will ask this, the answer is, Yes! JM solution masks will help in giving your skin an instant boost. It adds moisture to your skin, saturates it and keeps it glowing. 

Three types of JM Solution Mask available in Lady K House

  • Flower Infused Brightening Mask

  • Leaf Infused Soothing Mask

  • Fruit Infused Firming Mask

These three have different benefits but it's exclusively Halal and good to use for Muslim. Use at any time at home. It's the good way and  great time to start masking. For example,  when you are watching TV, reading a book, sitting at your laptop or even doing before going out. Masking is the best!


Tips to use JM Solution Sheet Mask 

Do not rinse your face after you remove your sheet mask. The sheet mask leaves behind some leftover serum residue that your skin might not have absorbed while it was on your face. Rinsing or washing your face after you take off your sheet mask is like washing all this rich goodness away. Instead, massage the excess serum into your skin

After cleansing & toner, apply it for 10-20 minutes. After removing, gently pat the remaining essence.

JM solution Mask Review By K Sister :

Jeannietohyn said: I love this JMSolution Fruit Infused Firming Mask from @ladykhouse.official ❤️ It fits perfectly on my face and the essence is no joke… A LOT!! 😁 After putting the sheet mask on my face, I could still apply the remaining essence to my neck, hands and legs 😍 This mask helps to moisture and firm my skin, it certainly gives my skin a great boost during the weekends ❤️❤️

Shahieja91 Tighten, firm, and sooth.

The leaf Infused Soothing Mask, is one of the first of its kind, a halal mask, that has three kinds of green leaf extracts: Centella, tea tree, and kale.It has a silky moist essence that moisturizes through five hyaluronic acids while taking care of your sensitive skin.

Sheet masks not only benefit your skin but are also an easy way for you to take some time out of your busy day to unwind while you pamper your skin.

JM solution masks have quickly gained popularity in Korea and all over the world. If you haven’t tried out sheet masks yet, try now from Lady K House website and check out our range of sheet masks that are specially designed to target and address different skin concerns.

Love to know more about sheet masks? Try now!! 


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