How to make Korean Gradient Lips using Lip Tint

How to make Korean Gradient Lips using Lip Tint

Hello Lady K House reader, how are you guys doing?

Do you guys love to watch Kdrama?

If yes, me too!

I love to watch K-dramas and I always love how the actresses style themselves, especially the make up part.

Do you wonder how Koreans achieve the lips looks? 

How to choose lip tint?

Why do Koreans love this look?

So many questions in our mind. 


This trend started a few years ago and still a lot of women love this gradient lips look by just using liptint.

The Gradient looks at our lips makes us become more confident but cute at the same time.

Let me share how to make Korean Gradient Lips using Lip tint. 

Is it easy or hard? Let's see.

Steps of Gradient Lips Look

Prep Your Lips

Moisturizes your lips using our Vegan Vethic Tinted Lip Balm.

This product is Certified Vegan in Italy (V-Label), and it will help your dry lips to achieve a natural and moist lips.

It has a dermatology test and I really recommend this whenever you want to start to prep your lips.


Concealer on lips

What? And how? 

Steps : 

Apply as usual in your lips, to get rid of obvious lip lines or wrinkles, It also helps make sure your darker lip color shows up better. Use  JKONA Marine Luminous Liquid Concealer

It has high quality ingredients, no worries JKONA's concealer will not break you out while giving you the best coverage to make you feel beautiful.

The brush concealer completely covers blemishes without a cakey finish.

Dap over your lips using your finger or a brush.

Next step : Apply and build the gradient looks 

Start with the lighter shade and blend it with your fingertips.

Then, apply the darker lipstick shade to the center of your top and bottom lips and blend it outwards towards the lighter hue. 

I am suggesting to use this UNLEASHIA Hug Velvet Lip Tints.

Of course it will help to embrace your lips softly and comfortably.

You just need to choose two colors that you think might be nice with your skin tone. 

Unleashia Hug Velvet lip tints have a variety of colors that you can choose from. 


The other choices of Lip tint that you can try is UNLEASHIA Non-Sticky Dazzle Lip Tints. 

Yes, this non-sticky lip tint is a vegan glossy and moisturized tint that will naturally shine harmoniously with your original lip color.

Why do I recommend this product?

It will help your lips become a glossy tint and it makes lips bright and moisturized with only one touched color lip application.

Take your time to add more knowledge about this Unleashia Non sticky Dazzle Lip Tints


  • Soft & Light Texture

Light glow texture comfortably smears on the lips when applied thinly with a soft formulation as light as a feather.


  • Water Gloss Color & Same Color Tint Application

As time goes by, the color naturally blends with lip tone creating a luminous and voluminous look. Coloring without darkening is the first color application.


  • Moist & Dewy Formula

Contains natural oils, 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid, and Olive Squalane for excellent moisture supply and the power of moisturizing to keep healthy and watery lips



Now, do you have in mind which one you want to choose as the main color?

 I hope this helps!

For every gradient that looks like a Korean Actress in Kdrama, here is the last secret.

Don't forget Lip Balm for the last step! 

Yes the last step in this look is you need to Apply Vethic Tinted Lip Balm

Lip balm again to your lips to keep the lips hydrated and looks glosier. 


Add this Lip Balm and Lip Tint in your cart now. Here is the list for your reference.

Vethic Tinted Lip Balm
UNLEASHIA Non-Sticky Dazzle Lip Tints.
UNLEASHIA Hug Velvet Lip Tints


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