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Today is already the fifth day of February 2023 and time really flies as we have been living in this pandemic time for almost 3 years now.

Maybe some of us have lost our loved ones because of this virus.

There are definitely a number of us who had covid before and we do know of some who fortunately never had covid.

However, we at Lady K House would stress about the importance of taking care of ourselves by using a good mask. We want to share about KF94 MASK from Korea.

“Most people are familiar with the design and shape of the KF94 masks by now. But there are still some people who are unaware of what KF94 actually stands for.

KF stands for Korean Filter, whereas 94 stands for the filtration efficacy. KF94 masks have an adjustable bridge for a more secure fit over your nose and side flaps to cover your face snugly.

The side flaps help close any gaps around the face to limit unfiltered air entry” - credit for Mumsgather Blogspot

In Lady K House we always want the best for you! This is why we supply the best masks from Korea that comes with filtration efficacy.


Biomate KF94

You can purchase our ever popular Biomate KF94 masks from our website. The best thing is the masks are SIRIM CERTIFIED so rest assured of its quality.

This mask has 4 filter layers that will protect you from all allergens and viruses in any situation. It's so soft and comfortable! Everyone that has tried it wants to wear it again. They have it in kids and adults sizes.

✔Suitable for 7~12 years old (kids range)
✔Individual Packing
✔4Ply KF94 Mask, MB Filter
✔ KFDA Approved



Another KF94 Mask recommended is ABC KF94 Mask. Made with triple layers, it's unbelievable how light, soft, and breathable this mask is. This mask is stylish yet simple with 6 colours to choose from.

Here’s a fun fact:

This mask completed 10 types of heavy metals test. It is a 100% Korean production.

If you looking for 3-filter mask, this ABC KF94 mask is suitable for you.

Both of our KF94 masks are made for adults and kids. We do have a lot of feedback about both mask, all our customers love it!

They love both our masks as it helps to protect them from the virus.


Hope you have a good day!


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