Best Korean Skincare Brands

Best Korean Skincare Brands

If you are interested in Korean Skincare, this is the right place to gain more knowledge.

Today Lady K will share with you the best Korean Skincare Brands.

Yes I know in K beauty we have a lot of K brands.

Many people are confused but  want to know more about Kbeauty. 

Let's talk about this interesting topic today =)

What is K beauty? 

Based on Wikipedia, K-Beauty is a term for skincare products that are derived from South Korea. It gained popularity worldwide, especially in East Asia, Southeast AsiaSouth Asia,and the Western world, and focuses on health, hydration, and an emphasis on brightening effects.

K-beauty products are made with natural ingredients that are gentle and beneficial for your skin.

Ingredients like ginseng, green tea, tangerines, grapefruit and rice water have been used in Korean culture for centuries to achieve beautiful and healthy skin.

If you add K beauty skincare in your routine, the products will help you achieve healthy, beautiful skin with minimal effort. 

Let's take a look at K Beauty Brands in Lady K House.


V’ethic is a Vegan Product that focuses on the value of 'natural health' of skin and nature. You can have a minimal skincare step and focus on Vegan products. 


As the tagline of V’ethic, Go simple, go Vegan, Lady K really loves this product. 

V’ethic aims for vegan cosmetics that considers both the skin and the earth, and

creates healthy skin care focused on the essence.

Green Tangerine Clear Line

VETHIC products focus on Vegan and they use Tangerine as the ingredients. 

Benefits of using the Green Tangerine Clear Line is it will help on whitening and brighten not only blemishes and blemishes, but also dull skin tone.

Green Tangerine product: 
Green Tangerine Clear Darkspot Stick
Green Tangerine Clear Cream
Green Tangerine Clear Serum


One of our best seller skincare products that you must try is Atopalm. 

This product is really well known in Korea especially for mothers & babies. Do you know Atopalm products give the best protection to babies especially?

Breakouts can ruin your day, let's take a look at what ATOPALM has discovered.


The most popular. 


Atopalm MLE Lotion

MLE Lotion, a lightweight, effective, emollient lotion that is non-greasy and quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth…not sticky.


With patented MLE skin barrier protection and Ceramide-9S ™ to strengthen and hydrate, Allantoin to soothe and Hyaluronic acid to provide additional moisture. All of these specialty ingredients help the skin maintain hydration to relieve dryness and calm sensitivity. As an added plus, they also help to prevent the evaporation of the skins’ own moisture.



Atopalm MLE Cream

One of the luxurious, moisturizing, non-greasy, quickly absorbed cream that leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated.This is Atopalm MLE Cream.


Clinically tested, it contains patented MLE skin barrier protection and Ceramide-9S ™ to strengthen and maintain moisture. It also helps calm skin sensitivity, the over evaporation of natural moisture and protects from the stresses of the environment.



Customer Review ; 




In short, ATOPALM was one of the very first Korean brands to launch in the United States- well before K-beauty became a hot trend in America. 


Since then, tthey been giving American consumers access to ancient beauty secrets of gentle and unique formulas discovered through advanced innovation.


Now, Lady K wants all of the people in Malaysia, especially mothers, ladies and babies to feel by themselves.  Check out other products on the Lady K house website.



Nothing more I can say about our lovely JM SOLUTION


Best skincare brands with great sheet masks, and also HALAL for muslim customers. 


This mask is always a perfect one for a gift especially to yourself or your loved ones!


The packaging, and benefits to your skin is 100% trusted.


Lady K customers really love this JM SOLUTION. 

[JM Solution Mask] Flower Infused Brightening Mask



[JM Solution Mask] Leaf Infused Soothing Mask

[JM Solution] Fruit Infused Firming Mask



Also dont forget to check out the other skincare products from JM SOLUTION IN Lady K house. 

They are on sale, you should grab before its sold out.



JM SOLUTION Calming cica moisture cream 

Last but not least, JM SOLUTION Calming cica moisture cream is for you!

Including various cica ingredients, it gives the much needed relief for your tired dry skin.

Perfect for dry skin.

It can be used before make-up, sleeping, or as a morning cream.

Any time is perfect to remind your skin that it deserves a calm relaxing experience.

It's a cica cream with 4 cica ingredients and 4 acid ingredients.

So, It will soothe your skin very mildly.



Let me know which brand of these three that you have try.

Comments down below!


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